Abia India


Enzymes Syrup, Antacid Suspension & Multivitamin Syrups

1 ABIPRO Protein Hydrolysate (60%) 500mg+Vitamin B1 IP  4.5mg + Vitamin B2 IP 5mg+ Vitamin B6 I.P 1.5 mg+ Vitamin B12 I.P 5 mcg+ Niacinamide IP 45 mg+D-Panthenol I.P 5 mg/5ml Flavoured syrup base q.s  200ML
2 ADDZYME Fungal Diastase 50 mg, Pepsin 10mg, /5ml 200ML
3 CIT-V Calcium corbonate I.P 625 mg -eq to elemental calcium 250 mg+ Vitamin D3 I.P 125 I.U+ Zinc Sulphate I.P 5 mg+ L-Lysine monohydrochloride U.S.P 50 mg/5ml 200ML
4 CURECID-O Sucralfate U.S.P 1000mg + Oxetacaine B.P10 mg/10ml 100 ML
5 LYCOBIA Lycopene with multivitamins and multiminerals Syrup 200ML
6 MACROFOL Sodium Feredetate , Mecobalamin , Folic Acid , Zinc Syrup 200ML
7 UELCID Magaldrate Anhydrous I.P 480 mg+Activated Dimethicone I.P 20 mg/5ml in a pleasantly flavoured Sorbitol Based 200ML
8 ABILIV SYRUP A Herbal Liver Tonic Syrup 200ML
9 ABIPLEX-Z B-Complex, Multivitamin, L-Lysine with Zinc Syrup 200 ML